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Specialising in weight loss, fat loss and tone I can help you achieve your goal. We will look at your nutritional habits, we will set weekly goals, we will work together to establish new habits and practices to enusre you succeed and achieve what you set out to do.

We will go through a comprehensive questionnaire where we look at nutrition, body composition analysis and discuss your goals, and lifestyle.

If group training is what you are looking for. Bass-fit Circiuts run from May through to October outdoors in Upton Chester, and move indoors for those cold dark winter months to Guilden Sutton, Chester, this is to ensure you can remain focused on your goals and continue to train all year round…no excuses!

If you live in Chester or the surrounding area of Cheshire, and you would like to find out more information, then please get in touch.

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1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 coaching is where you will make the biggest change to your body in more ways than just slimming down, you will gain strength on the inside and out, in both body and mind.  These sessions focus on your lifestyle and are inclusive of training and nutrition, no stone is left unturned. Together we look at body composition, your current lifestyle, diet and food choices. You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire that give you a starting point and together we work to not only look the best but feel the best. You have the option to train at either at my home studio gym Based in Newton Chester or Gymnasium One based in Saltney.

Achieve your goals and learn to Live and Love the body you’re in.  For more information email: leoniebass@bassfit.co.uk

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BASS-FIT Group-Fit

Bass-Fit Group-Fit is based in Upton Chester in the summer months for outdoor group training, and indoor training in Guilden Sutton Chester in the winter months. It is for everyone according to your fitness level, whether you are a beginner or advanced, you train to your abilities using adaptations to the exercises provided. We train in all weathers, throughout the year in Chester, getting fit, working out and most important of all having fun!

If running is your preference or  you want to become better at it, then join us for a 45 minute running session, here we cover a short distance, around 3-4km and we stop to do some exercises along the way using bands, balls and ropes, it is a great way if you want a more HIIT style run to compliment your longer distance runs, or if you are new to running and would like to make a start.

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Email: leoniebass@bassfit.co.uk or click here for more information
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BASS-FIT Group-Fit Times:

May – October: Upton Pavilion, Wealstone Lane, Chester, CH2 1HB
October – April: Guilden Sutton Village Hall, Summerfield Rd, Chester CH3 7SW

Early morning group session:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 6:15am

Evening Run:
Monday 6:15pm – leaving from Kingsway carpark

Evening group session:
Wednesday: 6:30pm

All sessions have a 45 minute duration.

Medical questionnaire and sign up form to be filled in prior to participation in group exercise. Click here for medical form


  • Still loving the sessions, the routine, the people and your expert tuition & motivation. I can see the difference in my body shape, tone & general strength. The workouts set me up for the day, give me more energy and put me in a good mood! Bass-fit just fits into my life and that’s key to me being consistent. PT sessions are fabulous as I absolutely love doing weights. I like the way you tell us what each exercise does and why our posture is important. You have a fabulous range of kit and know what you’re doing!!
    Samantha Doyle
  • I started with Bass Fit boot camp almost one year ago.  I currently do nearly all the sessions that run per week.  I have lost weight, I am the fittest I have ever been and most importantly I am injury free.  I have had personal training and trained in gyms on and off for years prior to BASSFIT and have always ended up injured. Leonie is professional and thoughtful about each and every session, she works hard on campers and in training to focus you in on your technique – I think this is why I have remained injury free whilst training with her.  She is realistic, honest and tells you how it is.  Something I needed as at first, I was doing all this camp and not losing any weight.  With her help working out my BMR and then her setting my calories for weight loss, listening to her advice and acting on it I have lost three dress sizes. I am the happiest with my body I have ever been.  I’m not skinny but I am healthy and strong.  I have skills for life and feel that the people I have met along my camp way are friends for life.  Each session is great fun.  We chat and get each other through it. We laugh between breaths and spur each other on.  The social element of camp is a massive plus and we are a team supporting one another.  You don’t have to be super fit to come, Leonie adjusts things to meet your needs. It is an absolute bargain and a game changer / life changer.  If you want to get fit, get healthy, lose weight, make friends and learn techniques for exercise that build strength and prevent injury I cannot recommend BASSFIT highly enough.  Be your own best friend and do something that is for you.  You will thank you for it!  Thank you LEONIE
    Rhona Hobson
  • I have been training with Bass-fit for almost 10 months and enjoyed every minute of the sessions. For many years I have had on-off struggles with my lower back which has required numerous visits to the chiropractor. With the advice and guidance from Leonie I have managed to strengthen my core and more importantly my glutes.  She has corrected my technique and given me tips of things I can do at home to try and prevent anymore back issues, and this has worked. I have been free from back pain and had no chiropractor visits for 4 months, with this I have been able to train consistently and can now see the results with my fitness levels improving along with my strength. The encouragement and support you get from Leonie and the group is amazing coupled with lots of laughter. I’m glad I found Bass-fit.
    Kelly Jones
  • I initially started my training with Leonie at the beginning of the year to achieve my PB in the Chester Half Marathon in April, and to lose some weight before the summer. She was recommended to me by a family friend and I haven’t looked back. Leonie has helped me to improve dramatically. Keeping me so dedicated and motivated to achieve my goals. She is so positive, supportive and has boosted my confidence tremendously. I have learnt so much about the benefits of training alongside the appropriate nutritious foods, and I am now only 4ib away from my target weight!! I achieved a PB in my half marathon last month and I cannot begin to explain how good I feel in myself, physically and mentally.  Leonie is bubbly, positive and genuinely a really kind person. She keeps you going, pushing you in the appropriate ways. So I’m really lucky to have her train with me! I’m really excited and still very keen to continue with Leonie training me each week.
    Chloe Evans