Personal training sessions:

Your bespoke exercise program.

sessions take place at my studio in Chester, here we work totally in private with no one else to use the equipment and we focus solely upon you. With 1-2-1 coaching, we go through your goals and desires, your current lifestyle and nutrition and we set you on the path to getting you the results you deserve. My aim is to teach you as much as I can so you have a wealth of knowledge that you can use in life.

Here is an example of the steps we will cover to get your goals:

Daily contact – I will communicate daily with you to ensure any problems arising we can manage. Eating out with friends, social gatherings. Etc. It’s essential that you have a life extended beyond your weight loss goals but continue to progress and that you learn to manage a sustainable plan going forward.

Initial Nutritional analysis – It’s crucial we get a full grasp of your nutritional habits as they stand. This gives us the scope and direction for all important improvements. we take things slowly, it takes time to change your diet and sustain that change.

It is not all about diet and exercise – Progress and achieving your goals are at the forefront of our plan. However in order to sustain the changes you want, we take the whole you and look into areas that you may not have been aware are affecting your porgress. We look at movement, nutrition, sleep, stress, heart rate, HRV, blood pressure and more, I want to ensure you are healthy, energetic have vitality and feel good every day of your life.

How many 1-2-1 sessions a week? – If you are investing in your health you, want to learn as much as you can, so you are equipped with life skills to know what is best for you. I would suggest starting with 2-3 sessions per week. As you become more confident to train along having learned the technique and skill of exercises you can drop this down, I still like to keep my eye on you, so you don’t escape that easily 😉

Weekly Nutritional Updates – We will assess what you feel works within your plan and what doesn’t. We will make sure you enjoy the food you’re consuming, and it’s ultimately achieving your goal.

Why 1-2-1?

  • We have all dreamed of smaller thighs, flatter stomach, firmer bottom, stronger arms, look good in a bikini, drop a dress size, run a 5k, 10k or half marathon, get up each day ready to face whatever life throws at us. If there was someway we could do this quickly, easily, with minimum effort, well then we would all be doing it and life would be dandy wouldn’t it?
  • If you’ve decided that now’s the time to stop saying “I wish I were healthier’, ‘I wish I had a slimmer waistline’, ‘I wish I was stronger’ and actually take hold of your life…then contact me to start your journey.
  • Check out the page on nutritional advice, to see if you feel you can start to make some changes.
  • Call or email to chat through your goals or book your initial assessment. Click here to contact me


Client Results:

Success depends on your time patience and consistency, here are some of the successes we have had, all achieved through consistent diet and exercise:



  • Coaching sessions are charged at £40 Per hour.
  • Discounts applied to block bookings
  • Payments are made in advance of sessions taking place on a monthly basis.