About me

The image below on the left is me 12 years ago, the one on the right is me today. 12 years ago, on January 5th 2007 I decided I had had enough of having no inner confidence, I felt people were staring at me and I hid behind my children, they were my excuse as to why I looked the way I did, and in order to make myself feel better about it all I would fuel the fire and eat to make me happy, which it did temporarily, and then I would feel guilty and beat myself up over the fact I was weak, and no will power. I knew I needed to make change and the only person who could do this was me, for me!

I not only changed my diet, but my lifestyle too, it was the only way to do it, I had to learn new habits, be open to new food options and get active, and so my journey into a new me began. 12 years on and this journey continues; I am not going to tell you it is, was or has been easy, but it is definitely worth it.

I have had a lot of training over the years and each time I have ended up with some sort of injury. Bass-Fit was born from a lack of training education that I never received, so I set about learning about the human body, how it works, and listening to the signals I am given, to not only help myself, but now to help others. From this I have a passion to learn new things from a body and mind perspective, on a constant basis, there is ALWAYS something to learn from in this industry to become better at your craft.

My mission…

Is to help you to train and live in a body that is injury free, become stronger to achieve everyday activities and love the body you are in. Exercising in any form shouldn’t be painful to a point where you have to stop for months to rehabilitate, it not only undoes all your hard work but has a negative effect on the brain, leaving you feeling you have gone back to square one.

Bass-Fit is about lifestyle and educating you. By making big or small changes to that lifestyle will help you to build a stronger more confident you that loves the body you are in. With me you will learn about your body, how it responds to nutrition and training and see the changes as they occur. So what are you waiting for? Lets do this…

  • Premier Training International Level 3 Diploma Personal training
  • Premier Training International Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Bootcamp Fitness Instructor
  • ACA member
  • Currently working through ACA applied nutrition and supplementation course
  • Attended RTS course
  • Full insurance