Goals, Change and Mindset

Goals, Change and Mindset

Change, unless you are forced into it, it can be hard!

Deciding you want change is the first step it’s called precontemplation it’s in your mind and you spend time thinking about it, you are forming a goal.

Next comes contemplation where you start to put steps in place, you start making enquiries, looking around to see what’s available to you, what you would quite like to do, and the thought to change becomes stronger and you are now closer to your goal.

Preparation, you have made a plan you know what you want to do and you get mentally prepared to start, you buy the food, get the kit, set your space, the goal is on.

Then you take ACTION you start and you realise that all thought about it wasn’t so bad, but it’s necessary to get prepared.

Finally you are in a rhythm of your diet, exercise plan, work plan or whatever it maybe, you feel good it’s become a habit, you are in maintenance and you reach that GOAL