Setting Up a Fat Loss Diet

Setting Up a Fat Loss Diet

The steps outlined in the image are there to get you started. Each one of us will respond differently to fat loss, once worked out it is not set in stone, you will have to see how your body responds over at least 2 weeks before you make any adjustments. 

If you start dropping weight too quick: increase the calories a little, reducing the deficit.

Not losing anything: well maybe you started too high, so increase the deficit.

The starting point is only a guideline.

There are lots of ways to approach this, but this is the simplest way:

  1. CALORIES: take your body weight in lb and multiply this by 10-14, 12 is the most common number, its half way. If you are leaner or taller or have a lot of time then use the higher number, if you have a tight deadline then go lower end.
  2. PROTEIN: Using your bodyweight in lb: Female; 0.8-1g/lb. Male: go for 1-1.2g per lb of bodyweight: e.g female  123lb x 0.8g = 98g protein per day.
  3. FATS: Set your fats at around 20-30% of your total calories, this will see you through. DO NOT OMIT fat from your diet, but avoid saturated fat this is not good for you.
  4. CARBOHYDRATE: The remaining calories will be here, once you have subtracted your protein and fats the remaining calories will be your carb intake.
  5. FIBRE: eating vegetables with many different colours ensures you are getting                your antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

There are many ways to work out your diet and this is known to be the simplest way to get starting numbers. 

The most important part is where you tweak it down the line and you will see the changes occur, for this, you need that all important time and consistency! 

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